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    Ongoing action, content ranking algorithm
    5 dancer
    1. Performance 9. Berlin Biennale 04.06.-18.09.2016

    What best reflects the emerging ideologies of our age? For Alexandra Pirici, it’s the bubble logic of the ranking algorithm implemented by Facebook’s EdgeRank and Google’s PageRank, through which popular and relevant content is privileged. Signals  draws on newsfeeds from real political events, pop cultural memes, and ephemera. Performers, clad in black motion-capture suits dotted with white reflectors, act out this steady stream of images and information in a black box space: holiday-goers mingling with migrants on a beach, Kim Kardashian’s naked body "breaking the internet," and Kevin Carter’s 1993 photo of a vulture preying on a famished little girl. The enactments are crowdsourced out of pver 80 events from online “users,” who can collectively select configurations of newsfeed content via a website. Meanwhile, no actual motion capture takes place. No reconstruction of these abstracted body signals occurs—apart from the one in the audience’s imagination.

    1. Performance during 9. Berlin Biennale 04.06.-18.09.2016

    Performers: Sandhya Daemgen, Madalina Dan, Martin Hansen, Alice Heyward, Negroma, Jasmin Ihraç, Anna Jarrige, Leah Katz, Jared Marks, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Emily Ranford

    Light Design Andrei Dinu
    Ranking Algorithm Consultancy and Integration Jonas Lund
    Voice announcements recorded by Aanisa R. Jama
    Courtesy Alexandra Pirici
    Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Art Collection Telekom
    Additional support Rudolf Augstein Stiftung
    Thanks to National Dance Center, Bucharest; Meredith Meredith