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Hortensia Mi Kafchin

*1986 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, lives in Cluj-Napoca and Berlin, Germany.

Hortensia Mi Kafchin studied from 2005 until 2010 at the University for Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca.
Like a number of artists had Hortensia Mi Kafchin in the former Paint-Brush-Factory in Cluj-Napoca a studio until 2016. Her work created a playful and creative cosmos, where thoughts transform into material structures and matter becomes thinking. Living organism connect themeselves with technical machines und fields of energy fill up with data of knowledge.

Small sketchbooks accompany the artist the whole day and getting filled with drawings for an endless number of ideas and concepts.

Tapestry of Effigies

Hortensia Mi Kafchin combines current theories of scientific research with utopian technology approaches. In a fictional world the artist links biological and chemical substances with one andother, genetic structures with technical equipment and computers develop as living oganisms in the machine. Lamps and fog machines become energy emitters that transform into complex galaxies and cosmic universes. Neural pathways and cells exchange their storage with microchips. Nature and technique are interwoven and become one another.

Father Energy

Hortensia Mi Kafchin's bearded discoball: 'Father Energy' is part of her creative universe, where technique, robotics and computerworlds are combined with cosmic energies and natural powers.

Father Energy
Electric motor, iron arm, light bulb, electrical wire
Installation view: 'Shape of Time – Future of Nostalgia', MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 20.04.–09.10.2016

Carbon Dating Bytes

The drawing on the ceiling is taken out from one of her sketch books. The tubes, cables and wires meandering through the ceiling element seem to be an organic image of the transmission of data streams.

Bald Commercial

Bald Commercial
1 Channel video projection HD, colour, sound, 02'01"
Edition 4/5 + 2 AP
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