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29 May 2017

Aleksandra Domanović

The Art and Exhibitionhall of the Federal Republic of Germany continues consequently with the exhibition programme to present younger artistic positions. From 02 June to 24 September the exhibitionhall shows actual works by Sandra Domanović.

The artists was born in 1981 in Novi Sad, than the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. She lives and works in Berlin. 'Bulls without Horns', was the title of a group of works realized by Sandra Domanović in 2016. The title referred to the first two cows, which had been genetically edited, by cutting out from their genetice code some parts, to grow up without developing horns.
Such 'sciene fiction' scenarios, scientific, biological and medical research are leaving often some traces in the works and are provoking a number of questions. Where are they working, the really important sculptors of today? Are they in the laboratories, which try to alter nature be changing plants and bringing up new creatures? Are they in the scientific development departments, working to create artificial intelligence, joints and organs? What can be the role of an artist to balance such god-like creators?


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