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05 February 2020

Performance by Nedko Solakov at Tate Modern, London

Performed in 2001 at the 49th Venice Biennial 'Plateau of Humankind' this extraordinary work by Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov is realised again at Tate Modern as part of the exhibition 'Performer and Participant' curated by Tamsin Hong.

In Nedko Solakov’s performance work 'A Life (Black & White)', two workers continuously paint the gallery walls. One uses black paint and the other uses white.
The painters follow each other around the space, painting over each other’s work. This is constantly repeated for the length of time the work is on display. The materials used in the performance are also laid out in the space. These include tins of paint, rollers, rags and signs for the painters’ breaks.

Performer and Participant
Tate Modern, London

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